EMDR Consultant in Training

Are you interested in becoming an EMDR Consultant?  This level of expertise and advanced practice is a specialty credential, for those who wish to support other clinicians master their EMDR skills. EMDR Consultants demonstrate significant experience and expertise in guiding others clinically, and in mastering basic and advanced concepts of EMDR Therapy. 

Rebecca Kase & CO supports clinicians on their path towards becoming an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. We offer 2 tracks for pursuing CIT status, an internship and a non-internship track. CITs learn core skills including how to offer guidance and feedback to consultees, how to teach case conceptualization and treatment planning skills, methods for monitoring and teaching fidelity to the protocol. CITs will also be supported in learning the interpersonal process of consultation, which includes supporting clinicians with burnout, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, competency struggles, confidence challenges, and professional vulnerabilities.

Read further to learn more about becoming a CIT, and to submit your application. 

Becoming an EMDR Consultant is a specialized and coveted role.  Not everyone who learns EMDR has the necessary skills to become a consultant, guiding other clinicians in their EMDR practice.  EMDR Consultants must demonstrate integrity, professionalism, advanced skills, and a compassionate approach to supporting others learn. 

At Rebecca Kase & CO, we believe that the interpersonal process of consultation is just as meaningful as the delivery of academic information. Therefore, we train consultants to not only be skillful in teaching and coaching other EMDR clinicians, but in also learning to hold space for others and attune to the professional learning space. The felt sense consultees receive in consultation is just as important as the content delivered.

CITs complete their training by providing consultation to other clinicians. The CIT then attends consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and receives “consultation of consultation”. In essence, this means that your consultant will work with you on how you offer support, guidance, and instruction to those you consult with.  

EMDRIA manages and approves the process for becoming an EMDR Consultant.  To review the application process in its entirety, follow this link HERE.

EMDRIA specific requirements include:

  • Completion of EMDR Basic Training & EMDR Certification
  • Licensure in your clinical field
  • Practice EMDR with at least 75 clients and at least 300 sessions
  • 20 hours of consultation of consultation with an approved consultant (10 must be individual, 10 may be group)
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • 12 Advanced EMDR CEs

EMDRIA Requirements

Additional Requirements

At Rebecca Kase & CO we require 3 additional items to complete your CIT training

  • Completion of an EMDR Refresher Course, or retake the lecture portion of an approved EMDR Basic Training (Note: this requirement is embedded into the internship track)
  • Recording of consultation sessions which will be reviewed in CIT Consultation
  • Provide consultation to at least 6 clinicians, over at least 15 hours (group and individual) (Note: This requirement is partially embedded into the internship track)

At Rebecca Kase & CO, we offer 2 tracks towards becoming a consultant.

1. Internship Track

Our internship program offers those accepted into our CIT program an opportunity to attend the lecture portion of our EMDR Basic Training without charge. The CIT is assigned a group of consultees from this training, to provide consultation to. This exchange offers the consultant an opportunity to get rooted in theory and “the Basics”, while also receiving a group of clinicians (approximately 6-8 clinicians) to start consultation with.

2.  Non-internship Track

This track may be pursued for those who already have clinicians to provide consultation to, or who do not wish to pursue the internship. It is required that the CIT take an EMDR Refresher Course while in training as a CIT, to ensure they are rooted in the Basics and fidelity to the protocol. The CIT will then be responsible for securing at least 6 clinicians to provide consultation to, over at least 15 hours, throughout the course of their CIT training. 

CIT Tracks with Rebecca Kase & Co.

Consultant Characteristics

There are certain attributes and characteristics that make up a quality consultant. We are in search of applicants who possess these skills, and who are willing to further grow in these capacities:

  • Clinical knowledge and expertise
  • Skilled in client care and supervision/mentoring of others
  • Teaching skills are an asset, though not required
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • A kind, strength-based approach to offering feedback
  • A strong capacity for holding space for clinicians and their vulnerabilities
  • Respect for the field & profession

There are many topics we will address together in consultation as a CIT. Some core competencies we will explore together include:

  • Mastering fidelity to the protocol.
  • Learning techniques and protocols for a wide array of special populations and clinical presentations. 
  • Gaining awareness of the developmental model of supervision as it applies to consultation.
  • Learning the business of consultation.
  • Skills for working with groups and individuals in consultation.
  • Consultant roles, responsibilities, and ethics.
  • Consultant “how to be skills” & the interpersonal process of consultation.
  • And much, much more.

What You Will Learn with Rebecca Kase & CO. as a CIT

Costs and Process

  • Cost is paid per consultation received as a CIT. The price is the established rate for group or individual consultation. Reach out to inquire about group and individual consultation prices.
  • There is no time restriction placed on the process of becoming a CIT. We can discuss your professional goals and time considerations, and identify an anticipated date of completion together.
  • You may work with more than one consultant as a CIT. CIT’s working with Rebecca Kase & CO may work with any faculty members. Consultants outside of Rebecca Kase & CO may be approved on special request. 
  • Reach out to Rebecca with specific or unique questions, by clicking HERE.
  • Our team offers free and low cost consultation to BIPOC clinicians, with a desire to pursue Certification or Consultant status. If you are a BIPOC EMDR trained clinician, wishing to pursue advanced levels of training and needing financial support, send an email to admin@rebeccakase.com or check out our Approved Consultants page. The consultants offering BIPOC discounted rates will be notated.

To apply to become a CIT, complete the CIT Application.

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