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EMDR Strategies to Facilitate Reprocessing

Are you an EMDR Therapist feeling stuck in the reprocessing work? Are you in search of techniques and strategies to facilitate successful desensitization of targets? Are Interweaves difficult to implement? Are you not seeing the EMDR outcomes you had hoped for? This on demand webinar is for you then!

This webinar with Rebecca Kase, LCSW, RYT & EMDR Trainer, will review a variety of clinical themes and issues that can impact the successful resolution of an EMDR target. Participants will learn a number of strategies to get reprocessing unstuck.

Join us live or on demand, for this 4 hour Advanced EMDR course. EMDRIA CEs are available.

Get unstuck today!

Course Overview

This course focuses on intervention within phases 3-6 of the EMDR Protocol. Participants will review important components of case conceptualization as related to stuck points, as well as specific interventions to use to help facilitate successful reprocessing. We will cover topics such as: fidelity to the protocol, case conceptualization as related to stuck points, attunement skills and their importance within EMDR Therapy, feeder memories, blocking beliefs, and interweaves.  We will also review the concept of Constricted Processing, and the techniques of EMDR & EMDr, as well as strategies for Fractionation of a Target. 

Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Describe the importance of attunement within EMDR Therapy, and at least 3 ways to attune within reprocessing phases.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of feeder memories and blocking beliefs, and identify methods for working with each.
  • Apply concepts of Constricted Processing (EMD & EMDr) to facilitate the successful reprocessing of a target.
  • Explain how to fractionate a target.
  • Name at least 3 types of interweaves.

Course Details:

  • Join us live or watch on demand.
  • The live course is 4.5 hours in length. We will take a short break every hour.
  • Clinicians will maintain access to the course for 1 year.
  • Upon completion of the post-training evaluation and quiz, participants will receive a training certificate.
  • OnDemand webinar video available on June 14th. 
  • If you sign up for the live training but can’t attend you can still complete your course on-demand for EMDRIA CE’s.

Continuing Education:

  • This course offers 4 Advanced EMDRIA CEs and 4 NBCC CEs for the live training.
  • Participants must attend the course live to receive NBCC CEs.
  • For those who attend the on-demand course, 4 EMDRIA CEs are available.
  • Participants who attend the course live will also receive a copy of the recorded session.


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