EMDR & Tele-Health:
A How-To Guide

Are you in search for a How-To Guide to translate your EMDR therapy skills to the virtual world? Look no further. Join Rebecca Kase, LCSW, RYT, EMDR Trainer & Consultant for this 1.5 hour on-demand video focused on the how to's for translating your EMDR therapy skills to the virtual world. This video will review tips and techniques for practicing EMDR online, forms of BLS, considerations, and will include a demonstration video and experiential practice exercise.

Learn the "how-to" skills today. Only $40 and unlimited access.

Course Overview

Participants will review:

  • Guidelines outlined by EMDRIA and the status of EMDR Therapy in a virtual setting to date.
  • Considerations for the 8 Phases of EMDR within a virtual setting, and within the context of the current world.
  • Tips and techniques for successful implementation of EMDR virtually.
  • Forms of virtual BLS.
  • Tips for managing abreactions.
  • A demonstration video and experiential exercise is also included in the video.

No CEs are provided for this course.

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