Just in Kase Speaker Series: Blending EMDR & IFS

This is a virtual workshop

Crystal Hines

Has this happened to you? You are so excited that you’ve gotten your client through preparation phase and you are ready to start reprocessing! You get going and you find that protective parts are getting in the way of the process! Some protective parts that can show up are the over-intellectualizer, the perfectionist, and the critic to name a few. A client may feel like they have to do EMDR perfectly and they don’t know what you are wanting them to say during check-ins, or they are stuck in their thoughts and can’t touch into their feelings, or they start to allow themselves to feel vulnerable but then they are pulled out of their emotions by an intellectual/rationalizer part. This speaker series will teach you how to work with the protective system of our clients so that they feel safe enough to do the deeper work of EMDR. We will do a brief overview of IFS therapy, a discussion of how EMDR and IFS overlap, and learn tangible strategies to help protective parts to feel witnessed and understood.

This video will be recorded and uploaded within 5 days of the live event.

The video will be available until April 30th, 2023.

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Just in Kase Speaker Series: Blending EMDR & IFS

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