EMDR Basic Training Quiz – Nov 21/Jan 22

Thank you for taking the time to complete this quiz. Completion of this quiz is an EMDRIA requirement for completing your EMDR Basic Training Course. This is not a pass/fail quiz. Completion of your quiz, regardless of your score, is all that is needed. A copy of this quiz, along with the answers, and Shapiro text reference pages, can be found under u201cCourse Contentu201d, u201cCore Course Materials.u201d.nnEMDRIA is in the process of developing a standardized, reliable, and valid post-training assessment. Therefore, as this assessment is still in the development phases, a passing score is not required. The quiz can serve as an opportune moment to reflect on your knowledge, and review content that is unclear to you.nnUpon completion of the quiz, you will be informed of incorrect and correct answers.  Reference pages will also be provided should you wish to review the answers.

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