EMDR and Somatic Experiencing

EMDR and Somatic Experiencing January 13th, 2021 Healing trauma starts within the body. EMDR and Somatic Experiencing are modalities proven to help process difficult memories, emotions, and trauma patterns. Because of this, mental health professionals have more resources than ever before to help address a multitude of trauma responses that clients may have. With so […]

Polyvagal Theory… and why it’s so amazing!

Why Polyvagal Theory Is as Amazing as It Seems September 9th, 2021 Why Polyvagal Theory? What’s so amazing about it? How does it help my EMDR practice? Here’s the simplest way I can answer this. PVT offers insights into the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and helps to describe why we feel, think and […]

What Is EMDR and Why Should I Get EMDR Trained?

What Is EMDR and Why Should I Get EMDR Trained? August 12th, 2021 EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. It’s a long name so we just refer to it as EMDR. EMDR is evidence-based for PTSD, however has been shown to be effective for a number of other common clinical presentations. These include […]