Trauma Informed Care Training

Trauma Informed Care is not just a movement in our medical communities. It is a culture of care that when embraced, results in better client outcomes, happier staff, healthier communities, and a stronger bottom line for businesses.

Learn how to take your clinical skills to a new level!
Earn 4 CEs

About the training

Trauma Informed Care is about building a culture of care that:

  • Recognizes the prevalence of trauma and understands what trauma truly is
  • Understands what trauma is and how it impacts micro and macro levels of communities, systems, and organizations
  • Realizes the vulnerabilities that vicarious trauma and secondary trauma can have on staff and organizations
  • Responds in a trauma informed way by putting knowledge into practice

A trauma informed system embraces a culture of care that is about respect, transparency, safety, and compassion.

Who should attend?

This training is geared towards anyone working in a helping or healing profession. This course is beneficial for counselors and mental health professionals, nurses, case workers, victim advocates, health care workers, milieu staff, students, life coaches, wellness workers, energy workers, body workers, lawyers and legal aides, first responders & emergency responders, mortuary staff, animal care givers, to name a few.

Want a personalized training?

Rebecca offers half day or full day trainings on Trauma Informed Care. Contact us to inquire about such training for your agency.

Objectives of Trauma Informed Care Training

- Learn the fundamentals of trauma informed care
- Understand what trauma is
- Learn the impacts of trauma on the nervous system and brain
- Identify common symptoms associated with trauma
- Learn how to understand symptoms from an adaptive lens
- Learn the 5 key principles for implementing trauma informed care into   your setting
- Concrete steps to become more trauma informed

Learn how to take your clinical skills to a new level! Earn 4 CEs
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Oct 15th, 2020 9AM-12:30PM MTN
Vicarious Trauma Virtual Training
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Nov 12th, 2020 9AM-1:30PM MTN
Trauma Informed Care Virtual Training
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