Vicarious Trauma Training

“It’s impossible to swim through water without getting wet.” –unknown

What is Vicarious Trauma Training

It’s time to practice what we preach, professional healers, helpers and empaths of the world! Vicarious Trauma is a reality for those of us engaged in roles of helping others through suffering.  It is a real liability for healers & helpers of all kinds.  

One can only heal others to the extent that one has healed themselves.  Doing your own work around your own trauma and/or Vicarious Trauma has a direct impact on the work you provide in your helping role. Therefore, learning ways to process and make sense of the suffering which you encounter day to day is truly the key to working with these professional liabilities.

In Vicarious Trauma Training with Rebecca, you will learn:

- What is vicarious trauma and why does it matter?
- What are the liabilities of vicarious trauma?
- What is the neurobiology of vicarious trauma?
- What are sustainable ways for managing symptoms on a day to day and long term basis?

Who should attend?

This training is geared towards anyone working in a helping or healing profession. This course is beneficial for counselors and mental health professionals, nurses, case workers, victim advocates, health care workers, milieu staff, students, life coaches, wellness workers, energy workers, body workers, lawyers and legal aides, first responders & emergency responders, mortuary staff, animal care givers, to name a few.

Learn how to take your clinical skills to a new level! Earn 3 CEs
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Oct 15th, 2020 9AM-12:30PM MTN
Vicarious Trauma Virtual Training
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Nov 12th, 2020 9AM-1:30PM MTN
Trauma Informed Care Virtual Training
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