Yoga Workshops

Join Rebecca Kase, Registered Yoga Teacher, LCSW and Trauma specialist for yoga workshops and retreats.

Rebecca offers Yoga Therapy workshops, which focus on the therapeutic benefits of certain yoga practices to promote peace and wellness.  Yoga is about a feeling and an experience. We focus on creating inclusive spaces for any body, any being, to experience the benefits of this ancient wisdom based practice.

Events are also available on an as requested basis.  To request a training, please complete the request form found HERE.

About Yoga Trainings

Yoga has long been recognized for its healing powers and benefits.  Yoga is not about putting yourself into a pretzel or standing on your head, though those are certainly fun yoga postures.  Yoga is about getting a hold of your mind and learning to connect with your body and breath.

Yoga has many therapeutic benefits, and has been shown to be effective with virtually every condition that ails us. 

Yoga, as an ancient historical practice, has 8 limbs or aspects.  Physical postures, are only 1 of the 8 limbs.  These 8 limbs can be useful for those working on their own healing from past adversarial experiences, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, and PTSD to name a few.  Yoga also has immense healing powers for the helping professional.  Trauma informed yoga is a blend of trauma informed principles, which help to create safe and mindful spaces, and healing interventions of yoga.  Yoga workshops may include physical postures or asanas, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, learning about your energies and methods for creating balance, Ayurvedic practices, making meaning of suffering, and more.  

Learn how to take your clinical skills to a new level!
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Sept 18, 2020 1PM-3PM MTN
Nov 13, 2020 1PM-3PM MTN

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